Snus is a traditional Swedish nicotine product, the new variant nicotine pouches that hit the market in most countries during the past years . You probably have not come into contact with it before but since you are on our site it has caught your attention and you may be considering trying Snus or nicotine pouches. Many people look amazed when they see nicotine pouches, in contrast nicotine pouches is not a drug. Many stories and rumors create a lot of confusion about this and many people know little or nothing about snus and nicotine pouches and its consequences. but what are the effects and risks of using snus? In this article all questions about this will be answered for you.


 What is snus

To start at the beginning again, Snus is a form of nicotine consumption without smoking, and all snus types offered through Snus  do not contain tobacco. Snus are small pouches that you place under your upper lip that distribute the nicotine through small blood vessels in your gums.
Traditional Swedish snus contains tobacco and nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco.


The effect of Snus

The effect that Snus has on your body is mainly due to the main substance, nicotine. After you have placed a nicotine bag under your upper lip, it will take a while before the effects are noticeable, on average this takes 20-30 minutes with a normal dose. The longer exposure time has to do with the fact that the blood must first absorb the nicotine, in contrast to smoking where the nicotine is immediately felt through the chemical combustion. How long the effect of Snus can be felt depends on a number of personal factors such as your frequency of use, health, and age. In the first few minutes, new users will experience a tingling to light burning sensation, this is because your body has to get used to the new way of nicotine delivery. 



The experience of new users with nicotine pouches

The effect that Snus gives after this is generally experienced as a calming, energetic and relaxing feeling. In addition to the previously mentioned effects that are often perceived as positive, some effects are also seen as less positive. This includes that you can become a bit lighter in your head because your blood pressure will rise slightly. This is due to the nicotine, but with Snus it is much less intense than when smoking a cigarette, for example. 



 Side effects

If your body is not yet used to absorbing nicotine, you may experience side effects the first few times, often this is only the case if too large a dose is taken. Possible side effects of Snus are a dizzy feeling, nausea, anxiety and stress. It is therefore advisable to get advice when you first order Snus so that the correct strength and dosage is chosen for you. Keep in mind that nicotine is an addictive substance if it is used for a long time. 



 Physical Effects of Nicotine

These symptoms are for people who are not used to nicotine or who are using too high a dose of nicotine through either cigarette or snus. The following side effects and symptoms apply to these people, which can be noticed in a few weeks / months, this varies from person to person.


The Psychological Effects of Nicotine

Nicotine also has psychological effects and consequences, if the dose is too large. There is a mild intoxication that can last a few minutes. Nicotine has a paradoxical effect that is both stimulating and calming.
This effect is of course temporary, below we have some psychological effects of the substance nicotine that is processed in snus:



Snus vs nicotine pouches

You now know the difference between the Swedish snus that contains tobacco and the nicotine pouches that have been popular in recent years that do not contain tobacco but do contain nicotine and cellulose extracted from the tobacco plant.
Swedish snus containing tobacco is banned and therefore illegal throughout the EU except in Sweden and Denmark, where it may be sold. The Netherlands is not allowed to sell snus with tobacco, so many people think that nicotine pouches should not be sold as a result.



Is the use of snus dangerous?

If you have read this article about the side effects, consequences and risks of snus use, we can conclude that snus is not dangerous to use.
As long as you use the right amounts, the effects of snus use are short-lived and milder than what most people conclude.
If you become unwell try to drink some water and sit down then this will be over in no time.




Opinions about snus

There are different opinions about snus, people often think it is dangerous and it is much worse than smoking cigarettes. However, we can tell you that this is not the case, you can see snus as a less harmful alternative than smoking, because no toxic combustion products are formed.
Now you know more about the risks of snus as well as its effect and consequences.
Read the descriptions carefully if you want to buy your snus, it states the number of mg / g per nicotine pouch so that you can be sure that you have bought the right product that matches your nicotine level.